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Soak in the views from our new hot tub!

Wow--one year later than planned due to the pandemic but the new built-in hot tub overlooking beautiful Lake Chelan is now done and ready for use! I don't know what plans have had to change for you but this has been quite a year for all of us right?! So, living here in Chelan is both wonderful and challenging. All contractors are booked solid so when our schedule had to change due to COVID-19, so went the hot tub timeline. We were sad to have to block out rentals for most of fall 2020 and some of spring 2021 to get the spa done but it was so worth it! The spa is designed to accommodate 8 people and shares the same amazing views from the main house and pool of the Meraki Lodge property. It is finished in the same style as the pool so compliments nicely! We added landscaping surrounding the hot tub to screen for privacy but it will take a while to mature--in the meantime, you might want to keep your clothes on during the day :-)

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